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Video Premier: "Second Day Makeup." Pain in the Yeahs.

September 03, 20192205Views

Pain in the Yeahs continues to showcase its post-modern, nearly orchestral approach to a revival that brings a sound we love into contemporary relevance with the release of a video for their single -- "Second Day Makeup."

The cinematography is smartly slick, shot and produced by A.P. Brittian of Self-Saboteur. Crash Mosaic's Matt Wallace contributed a muscular synth sound that ties the song up nicely. The whole project is built around a brand new, standalone single. It's a catchy-as-hell track track, written and recorded by James K Ultra (aka James Wagner), who plays most of the parts in the final output as per usual. The imitable Jacki Paolella handled mix duties, donating some vocals as well. Additional percussion is thrown in through PITY's current drum goddess, Riley Finwood. Adam Boose, of Cauliflower Audio, provided the final mastering.

Sonic-wise, there's much to love here. Textural references to Love and Rockets, as well as the best of post-punk, with a panache that few beside Wagner are able to pull off in this region's scene. This is a project that continues to thrill, and we're always pleased to see new work come through the pipeline from this top-five player in Norfolk's musical landscape. We hear through the grapevine that a new record is currently in its initial stages, but this is more than enough to tie his fan base over till that day comes.

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Photography by Tom Barbee. Video stills by A.P. Brittain. Courtesy of Pain in the Yeahs. Review by Jeff Hewitt.