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The Unabombers at the Taphouse. With Some Kind Of Nightmare, Rise Defy and Single Use Plastic.

February 16, 20191775Views

Single Use Plastic ► (click to play)

The Unabombers proved yet again why they're a legend of Norfolk's punk rock scene. It's pretty much at the point now where reviews no longer make sense for these guys. Mention that they played? You know they killed it.

Single Use Plastic opened. They're a growing skate punk band with an infectious sense of fun. Bobby Kotrba pulls double duty between fronting this and playing guitar for The Breach.

Down here from DC, Rise Defy followed with some solid, blue-collar punk. I don't know much about the band -- I get the sense that they've got quite a few miles between them overall but that this project is somewhat new. They did contribute a track for a two volume Clash tribute released this month, if I'm not mistaken.

Some Kind of Nightmare was in town as part of what appears to be a never-ending tour. As a three piece, they bring a shocking amount of power to bear with songs packed with message and social impact. If you didn't come out for this, you missed a motherfucker of a band. Vocals are mostly in the hands of bassist Molly Mess, but Chy Mess contributes lead singing as well. I dug around a bit but don't see a lot of press on them -- their bio indicates that they come from a tough background, gave up their day jobs a few years back and have been pretty much living on the road ever since. I'll reach out to get some more info. This is a group that you should be paying attention to. They should be booked here again as soon as possible, and everyone should come out for it..

Next up at the Taphouse willl be the Varcella reunion with The Great Noise and Dead Friends opening.

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The Unabombers

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Some Kind of Nightmare

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Rise Defy

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Single Use Plastic
Norfolk. Punk.

Words and pictures by Jeff Hewitt