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Tim Barry with Friends for Two Nights at the Taphouse: One Show Left!

March 10, 2019650Views

Who is Tim Barry and why should you care? Long ago, in a faraway land known as "Richmond," he fronted a band of punks under the handle: Avail.

While the group formed originally further north up in Reston circa 88, by 90 they had relocated to the River City to wreak havoc throughout the heydey of RVA Punk. The band was known wide and far for sets that absolutely destroyed, and they were regular visitors to the Hardcore Norfolk scene for years -- leaving a legacy of six very fine studio records and a slew of basement tapes and other ephemera.

Alas, all good things come to an end -- sort of. The band never formally broke up, but there hasn't been any new material since since the early aughts and the band hasn't played live for a decade and some change.

Barry went on to perform punkish folk-rock, establishing a fifteen year ongoing stint as a solo performer to great success with a host of albums under his belt. Obviously, plenty of folks remember him -- at least if the sold crowd last night is any indication. He'll be bringing his signature brand of music back this evening for round two, along with a few friends. Yesterday he had fellow RVA singer-songwriter Josh Small, Andrew Alli (of Andrew Alli and the Mainline), & Julie Karr (Bad Magic) filling support roles. Tonight he teams up with the equally legendary Roger Harvey, who's down here from Philly if I correctly recall. Tim will likely sing more songs about how fucked up it is to live in Virginia, and you'll likely love him for it. I know I do.

You can find out more about tonight's show by clicking here, but I'd hurry up and grab a ticket as the last I heard there were less than two dozen tickets left.

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Words and photos by Jeff Hewitt.