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Through History's Lens Exhibition at Slover Library

February 09, 20181165Views

Ernest Lowery and Diana Chappell share the focus as part of the Slover Library's current exhibition set to run through February 26th. There is no charge for admission. Some of work being shown is available for purchase from the photographers.

Lowery is a regular contributor to Norfolk's own New Journal and Guide, a weekly newspaper focusing on both local and national African American news that has been in distribution since 1900. A respected photojournalist who has traveled the wide world, his work features an examination of different points of the black experience with shots from as close as mere blocks away from where the exhibition is being held and from as far away as Africa.

Chappell's work also covers a wide range of African American issues with a special set of images centered around the Buffalo Riders, a group of reenactors who honor the famed Buffalo Soldiers -- members of four all black regiments of the United States Army, raised during the Civil War.

Lowery was on hand at the opening to discuss his work with admiring fans. The exhibit is part of a series of events the Slover is running for African American History month. For more info visit

An introduction to Ms. Chappell's section of work.

Ernest Lowery looks on as others enjoy his work.

These images are striking, and deserve to be seen by a wide audience.

A celebration of Mayor Kenny Alexander's election as mayor, as photographed by Lowery.

Words and pictures by Jeff Hewitt