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Smartmouth opens the year with True Body, You're Jovian, Gone, & Carnival Bird

January 06, 2020735Views

True Body hit the stage like a bomb this past Saturday with a tour de force performance in advance of their upcoming first full record. New Order meets Lou Reed, packaged in the form of one of the most charismatic front men I've seen come out of our area in years. This band gets better every time I see them and I believe with all my heart that they've got a real chance of reaching a national audience. If you haven't seen them yet in a small venue, you absolutely need to. And you're a dope if you don't snatch up that record when it drops (reportedly in March.)

You're Jovian has added Kévin Sery of From Overseas to the lineup to great effect--he's one of the most interesting guitarists in the city to my ear. Elliot Malvas' project remains one of the most underrated acts in the 757. 2018's The Sound Of Who We Are was one of my picks for local record of the year, and there's still some copies available on vinyl if you haven't heard the band. Do you like shoegaze but want a bit more guts to it? The Posies? The Swirlies? You'll love this.

As great as the headliners were, much of the reason I chose to brave the weather was centered around a chance to see Gone: A new project from Brett Helke (Audiodrama, Wyteshayds, Black Blinds) and Nate Crawford, who some might know from his association with Super Doppler's camp. While this specific pairing is new, I've heard references to the project stretching back a ways with other musicians sitting in with Crawford. The sound here is massive. Much more so than one guy playing guitar should be able to pull off. Kind of a prog/shoegaze kind of vibe. The players each alternated with turns on guitar and drums and vocals. This duo has the potential to step into my top five hierarchy if they continue to play around town. I'm hoping for some recording effort soon so I can spend some real time with what they're doing.

I missed all but the last song of Carnival Bird, an electro-pop outfit that I'm not familiar with. Sadly, I didn't get any pics. Pretty sure I recognized Chris Ledbury of Berries. I liked the little bit I heard, so I'll make a point to seek out the next set they bill.

Smartmouth looks to be making a major push with a full slate of these warehouse shows. Could this be the next major venue in the city? Time will tell.

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True Body.

Richmond. Post-Punk.

You're Jovian

Norfolk. Mumblecore.


Norfolk. Shoegaze.


Carnival Bird

Virginia Beach. Electronic.

Words and pictures by Jeff Hewitt