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Record Review: Single from Dariel Clark -- I'm Not Black?

August 10, 2019849Views

Dariel Clark is an absolute dynamo onstage.

Standing nearly eight-feet-tall, this guy could probably jump over a mountain if he tried. This is not hyperbole. It’s a testament to the dedication Dariel puts into his craft. Whether you’ve seen him up-stroking Ramones covers with Shock Treatment or one of his electric solo performances at various and sundry Norfolk establishments (Taphouse, Toast, Gallery 410, et al) the talent and acumen only found in persistence and perseverance is unmistakable.

A prime example being Dariel’s single "I’m Not Black?" He starts with a familiar beat, like something you’ve heard at a summer concert series at the oceanfront. Then the melody loops and you hear a few nostalgic murmurs, “...17th street shades to shield the blaze...not enough Q-Tip, some Special Sauce” and realize there is intentional social commentary weaved throughout. Dariel Clark speaks to family strife, colorism, racism, etc but not overtly. Instead he’s rapping about the consequences of these social dynamics on himself. The hook plays and tone drops with a low echo getting you ramped up. By the third verse, you’re ravenous; just eating up sharp line after sharp rhyme. He's slinging saliva from his lips. You’re protecting your neck. And then? Then he lets up. Says his piece and provides you an outro to process the anachronisms within your own social behavior and mores.

"I’m Not Black?" Is available TODAY on Bandcamp. Get it now.

Words by Richard Justis.