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Record Review: New single from Arms Bizarre -- Rot and Grow

July 07, 2019721Views

First of all, Arms Bizarre is the best band name in Norfolk. Runners-up: Norfolk Nightmares and Magic Knives.

Rot and Grow is just two tracks but leaves you drenched in the nightsky. Every Spark I Had starts building and never stops. The guitar-driven rifts cause shaky, short breaths. Then the pulsing rhythm grabs you like a rip current--you efface into troughs and waves. Look up while you float.

Soothe has a psych-rock aesthetic but blends in doo wop licks, a meloncholic rumble, and an anguished mood that strikes at both Radiohead and Roky Erickson. The toil in the lyrics is palpable. They leave you washed over, salt-licked. And strangely assured.

This is music for the night. Listen with intent. Carry a jasper with you.

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Photo by Jeff Hewitt. Words by Richard Justis