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Record Review: New full-length from The Purge -- Rain

August 04, 2019 529Views

Following up their 2018 haunting success, The Bad Ideas We Build Worlds, The Purge is back with amazing refinement and hyper-focused precision with Rain. Rain is currently available on the band’s bandcamp page and will be available 8/03 on other streaming platforms. When I say the band I mean Thomas Duerig. Thomas is the singular engine powering The Purge. This sounds strange if you’ve never seen Thomas perform live. It’s truly a miracle to behold.

That powerful connection Thomas establishes with his live audience crosses over to the digital rendering. Faith and Trust feels like a private vesper spoken directly to you. It serves as a rudder for the rest of Rain. It’s saw-across-the-thigh direct with its themes of desire, anguish, and, specifically, suadade. An easy comparison is The Cure and it’s an apt one. Thomas certainly evokes Robert Smith with the heartfelt vocals supported with synth-heavy licks. But this is Darkwave--and Thomas keeps pace throughout the album with dance-ready, synapse-firing percussion beats that allow you fall into rhythm immediately.

That is with the exception of the titular track Rain. If you’ve spoken to Thomas recently he’s undoubtedly mentioned he hates the rain, but Rain is everything I want in a rock hit. Not as synth driven as much of the album; instead, its heavy contrasting highs and lows give it more of an electronica feel while not losing the somber aesthetic. Think Orbital or Luscious Jackson even. Shit slaps.

Check out the music video below! Then support this amazing talent on the Bandcamp page and all streaming platforms.

Words by Richard Justis.