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Record Review: Isolated Cockpit. "Johnny Knuckles vs The Sea Weasel"

June 30, 2019 497Views

When former Gwar frontman Joe Annurama mailed me a stash of cassettes I expected a Black Flag/Circle Jerks mix recorded over painted-on-denim, country legend, Dwight Yoakam. Joe came through there. But he also included a recording from his band Isolated Cockpit: Johnny Knuckles vs The Sea Weasel. It was anything but expected.

Joe has always created music that punches you in chest. This doesn’t; it echoes in your head with a tinny rhythm. Think: Norfolk fave From Overseas but instead of pastoral, idyllic distortions and loops, Isolated Cockpit creates a dark, ambient noise-field from what sounds like antique medical equipment.. Each track has a moody dissonance that draws you in. Vocals are far-away and helter-skelter. The rhythm is pared and shaved down to just the necessities leaving you with a spine-chilling soundscape.

I love seeing war dogs like Joey Slutman creating content still. Reloaded and reguaged but oh so raw.

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Words by Richard Justis. Photos by Ellie Kay