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LAVA Presents: Charly Bliss with Sammi Lanzetta & Party Wave

March 11, 2019857Views

Charly Bliss demonstrated sheer, raw power at LAVA Presents this past weekend at Toast. While the entire band is cast with command performance players, the group lives and dies on the of front woman Eva Hendricks.

Their brand of late-80s/early 90s pop riddled riot grrl goodness spans the gamut from Letters to Cleo's Kay Hanley to Courtney Love in wrapped in strawberry bubblegum. I hadn't researched this show before going, so I was nicely surprised by how much I love this band. They dropped a new record the other day, and are slated to feature at SxSW this year. Go buy all their things cause they fucking rock.

. . .

There are splashes of what I assume is blood on Sammi Lanzetta's guitar strap. Given the hell she's walked through to get where she is today, I'm not surprised. Lanzetta crosses the line somewhere between Exile in Guyville era Liz Phair and modern day Courtney Barnett. Her intimate, sanguine songs wrap around a core sound and fury that's unmatched by any of her RVA contemporaries. It's no secret that I adore this woman and her work, she deserves to be ten times bigger than she is. Hopefully, the forthcoming record due out soon from 6131 Records will propel her to massive success. I've just about worn out the EP I have, 'For Avery." I can't wait to hear the new work.

Sadly, in the running around covering three shows this evening, I missed Party Wave. I'm told they were great, and will try harder to catch them next time. LAVA Presents has a jam packed slate this month yet to unfold, with Tropidelic and Roots of a Rebellion playing the Bunker this Wednesday, LADADA releasing an album at Toast on the 22nd, and a local star studded minifest at the same location on the 30th. Click here to get all the info.

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