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HISS Golden Messenger & Erin Rae at ODU's Goode Theater.

March 11, 2019637Views

It was a rare night of exquisite music at the Goode Theater brought about through a joint partnership between LAVA Presents' Josh Coplon and North Shore Point's Jim Morrison, showcasing the poetic majesty of HISS Golden Messenger's MC Taylor with an opening set from Nashville indie folk singer-songwriter, Erin Rae.

Taylor was long on sardonic charm as he walked the audience through some of the history behind his songs and past life in North Carolina vis-a-vis San Francisco. For a guy who used to front a hardcore band, his music is shockingly tender and well textured. Sonically, I'd throw him in a category with someone like Billy Prince Bonnie or Bill Callahan, but more accessible and strangely sweet.

Erin Rae is usually seen fronting her band, the Meanwhiles, purveying poppish Folk all throughout the countryside. Summoning comparisons to Folk legends like Joanie Mitchell, she held concertgoers in thrall for the duration of her set, leaving them begging for more.

. . .

This is, as far as I can recall, the first time Coplon and Morrison have worked together, and I believe it's the first time the Goode Theater has hosted a concert as opposed to its regular dramatic fare. I hear more good things are coming for this venue, so keep an eye out. The acoustics are incredibly, the space is well appointed, and its staff was top notch this evening. I look forward to the next show there.

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Words and pics by Jeff Hewitt