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Every other Wednesday: Open Mic at Colley Cantina

March 29, 2019652Views

Open mics are the training grounds for any local music scene, and Norfolk is no exception. Colley Cantina has a long history of such events throughout the years -- it's latest incarnation is hosted by former Feral Conservatives member now running solo, Zach Jones.

You can drop in to hear what's going on every other Wednesday: the next scheduled night is April 10th. The show kicks off at 8pm and runs till 10 -- or later if the list is particularly long. Sometimes there's a featured performer, as was the case on this particular evening with Dariel Clark. Regular performers stopping in include the likes of Lawrence Lambert, Lena Klett, and Ken Nishimoto along with an occasional comedian or poet.

We grabbed some shots of some of the folks sharing their work below:

Words and photos by Jeff Hewitt.