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EP Release at Toast: Court Street Company. With The Burns & Holy Roller.

March 10, 20191031Views

Court Street Company has displayed a dizzying amount of growth in short timespan and have very quickly established themselves as the band to watch for 2019 in the 757.

In the four years I've covered this scene, I've witnessed few bands with the relentless work ethic these guys brings to bear. This past Thursday saw the debut of their first full EP in front of a packed house.

First and foremost, their EP, titled 'Olde Town', calls out the love they bear for their home base of Portsmouth, a city that is oft overlooked when we talk about Hampton Roads. The record reaffirms earlier comparisons with Big Star, with sprinklings of Weezer, Teenage Fanclub, and even some reaching out for a Todd Rundgren kind of vibe. It's solid five pack of songs that makes me look forward to the full length that is bound to eventually break. I firmly believe that this is a band with a future, a band formed of the kind of music that folks who still spend money making music love. And that's no knock. Lot's of bands make that kind of music and go nowhere, but these kids are lovable and work their ass off. They're going to be huge if they can successfully navigate the road ahead.

. . .

From out of Jersey, the Burns took second on the bill with a fun brand of early aughts inspired Indie Rock merging solid chops with laconic thrills. One part Black Crowes, another part Strokes -- with pieces of something like Jellyfish but more muscular. At times I felt a little bit of the irreverence of King Missile sneaking in, thought sonically they bear no resemblance. They gave a thoroughly enjoyable set and I hope they come back again soon.

Holly Roller made the trek down from RVA with sparkly Southern Rock mixed up with Outlaw Country. If I'm remembering correctly, this group springs from the loins of the very successful Big Mama Shakes, who toured with a host of big names for a number of years. The band sports a good natured, blue collar sensibility with solid, crowd-pleasing songs. I'm sure they'll be down again soon enough, and you should check 'em out.

In the meantime? Do yourself a favor: Pick up CSC's cd and get it signed so you can tell your kids you knew 'em before they blew up.

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Court Street Company

Portsmouth. Indie Rock.

The Burns

New Jersey. Indie Rock.

Holy Roller

RVA. Southern Rock.

Words & pics by Jeff Hewitt. Shot with an Olympus E-500 with a Kodak sensor from 2004 through a Leica Summicron.