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At the Chrysler: EMERGE│EVOLVE: Rising Talents in Kilnformed Glass

April 22, 2019950Views

Marking just past a year into her tenure, the Chrysler Museum’s Carolyn and Richard Barry Curator of Glass -- Carolyn Swan Needell, Ph.D., led an exploration of art on view in an exhibit titled: "EMERGE│EVOLVE: Rising Talents in Kilnformed Glass" this past April 6th.

The traveling exhibition presented ten award-winning and honorable mention works from a 2018 international juried competition organized by Bullseye Glass Co. alongside four former competition finalists. Some of the art represented included Clare Peters' "In Honour of Seeking, In Honour of Knowing, In Honour of Wisdom", Andy Plummer's "I Moved On Her Like A Bitch", and Joanna Manousis' "Selene".

Kilnformed glass art is made with glasses that have been tested for suitability for fusing. Once put together according to the artist's vision, the objects are heated in a kiln where the glasses soften and fuse together.

The Chrysler Museum's Perry Glass Studio is a 7000-square-foot space intended to supplement the larger glass collection in the Museum proper. The studio hosts a furnace capable of melting just over a quarter of a ton of glass, and provides enough room for up to eight artists working on projects.

The next event at the studio is titled, "Glass Class: Lucky Charms", scheduled at 1:30pm on April 26th. Click here to learn more.

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Words by Jeff Hewitt. Photos by James W Clarke IV. Visit his Facebook Photography page at Jimi IV Photography.