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Born on the Third of July: Unk AL opens for Disco Risque at the Granby Theater

July 04, 2019983Views

Unk Al tapped a few members from Tornado Bait and Uglyography to descend upon the storied Granby Theater on the eve of Independence Day to lay down some countrified funk slash performance art in a dazzling display of off center virtuosity.

Transitioning from a star spangled Uncle Sam vibe to a full on Mariachi band, front man Alan Gibson made a strong statement on the state of the nation atop a bedrock of solid funk. The whole affair provided a beyond solid opening for C-Ville's Disco Risque (think Morricone meets Spin Doctors meets Jam Bands. Formed in early 2014 the group features Charlie Murchie on git, Robert Prescott behind the kit, bassist John Bruner, and Ryan Calonder on trumpet and horn. Calonder has a strong presence, and I can see this group making waves in certain circles.

All in all, a good time. I just wish more people had showed up.

The Granby Theater is making a new push to feature local music, which is my opinion a great thing as it's a venue with a lot of potential for live bands -- though I would like to see them invest in a sound system more suitable for concerts. Check out their next shows, The Jae Rakes Band on the 11th and Alanna Springsteen on the 24th.

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Unk Al

Hampton Roads. Alt Funk.

Disco Risque

Charlottesville. Post-Jam.

Words and pics by Jeff Hewitt