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You're Jovian Record Release: With Long Division, Berries, and The Late Virginia Summers.

October 29, 2018597Views

You're Jovian celebrated the release of their third studio record with newly pressed vinyl and a smoking set of de-tuned chorus / flange drenched intense examination of footwear-goodness. While the band has seen a shifting line-up over the past year, they retain a singular vision that continues to move the sound forward. The work here evokes much of the moodiness of something like the Cure's odd detour into Faith/Carnage Visors (which is the pre-cursor to all shoegaze whether or not anyone wants to admit it) mixed with flecks of Stone Roses, rolled up in a batter of Slowdive's Souvlaki, deep-fried in Malvas' unique sensibilities, left to chill in a freezer for a few hours before finally being served up on a plate garnished with decorative chunks of Ride circa "Leave Them All Behind."

As a group, You're Jovian has with each successive recording branched out into deep exploration of a signature sound. The songs here show a heightened maturity, even if it's anyone's guess how much further Elliot will carry it. He is a man who on the best of days gives off a sense that he's not entirely certain whether what he's searching for is actually in the music or not. As a fan, I hope he continues to push through and record further -- but we live in an age where it's difficult to measure the success of efforts like his. Few folks support the local scene as much -- you may or may not be aware of the shows he organizes for others as he often stands off to a corner dodging accolades.

I highly recommend picking this up if you're into any of the band's mentioned thus far. Hell, I urge you to check it out even if you've never heard of any of this music.

It's just a hella solid record. And it deserves your support.

. . .

Three-fourths of Long Division made a strong appearance through the aid of rock hero of the moment, Kévin Sery -- who filled in when regular guitarist John Fatigate got called into work at the last moment.

Man.. Fuck capitalism.

Sery had just five hours to learn the songs and went on to play flawlessly to my ear -- or at least well enough that I couldn't tell otherwise: live music always sounds better to the audience than the band playing it! This, ladies and gentlemen, is how the pros do it. We salute you, Gods of Rock! While he's not in a band per se, he does have an ambient project running by the name of From Overseas with an EP released this past February and a split with something called Fearn that came out in May. If I had an interesting ambient project or was looking to start a shoegaze band, I'd take a hard look at this guy. And it's a testament to Long Division as a mark of why they're considered the musician's musicians of our area that they were able to bring someone in like that and mesh on a moment's notice without missing a beat.

The band dug deep into their catalog playing some songs that haven't seen the light of day in quite some time. This music is atmospheric and moody, a perfect complement to the season.

The Late Virginia Summers opened and Berries provided a set that included a trio of Cure cover songs. Tragically, I wasn't able to hear them because I was pulling double duty with the Chris Robinson Brotherhood and I haven't actually figured out how to clone myself -- much to the relief of many all over the land. I'm told their version of Boys Don't Cry kicked ass, and I'm sad that I missed both them and TLVS. I found the music I previewed from them intriguing. Ah well.. Next time.

Anyways.. Here's some photos from what I was able to catch. Now go out and buy Elliot's record, yeah? And check out this EP from Kévin Sery's project while you're at it.

Oh, and this was yet another excellent night of music brought to you by Lava Presents. Their next show is Nov 2nd featuring Zach Deputy with Delirious George at Toast. Click here to check it out.

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Words & pictures by Jeff Hewitt. Shot through fifty year old Minolta lenses with the use of a focal reducer adapted to a Fuji X-T2. You can see more of Jeff's work at If you want to complain that he references the Cure too often? Fuck off. He does not care what you think. So there.