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Wolf Alice at the NorVa. With Big Pink

April 16, 2018660Views

It was a UK invasion this past weekend at the NorVa with Wolf Alice hearkening back to mid-nineties grunge while The Big Pink layered its signature beat-centric Brit Pop under deliciously served power chords.

Wolf Alice carried a hard edged sound front and center as headliners and their audience responded with a level of adoration that was heartwarming. While there's a definite pop angle to what they're doing? The band succeeds in weaving a miasma of disparate influences into something that sounds new -- which is no small feat. The group is touring to support last year's Visions of a Life which pulled stirring accolades from no less than NME, who referred to it as a contender for Album of the Year and routinely cites its creators as the best band in Britain, right now.

The Big Pink hasn't put an album out since 2016's Future This, but they have a few more years under their belt and have ostensibly been focusing on remixes for the time being. Their set was hard hitting, short, atmospheric and moody. I wasn't necessarily a fan prior to this live set, but I'm intrigued enough now that I'd revisit the group if they were to return heading their own tour.

Wolf Alice

The Big Pink

Words and pictures by Jeff Hewitt