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Who We Are Not at Smartmouth Brewing

July 10, 2018824Views

Smartmouth Brewery is a rising venue that's been notching the occasional music event of late. We can never have too many places to hear live acts in this town, so they're a welcome addition to the scene.

Who We Are Not has been busy this year, both with a rumored record in the works and a schedule that has them out for or five times a month sharing their unique blend of sounds ranging from adult contemporary to folk to jazz-tinged rock. You can catch them next at The Vanguard in Hampton on the 22nd of July.

Who We Are Not

Post-modern Post Rock
Photos by Megan Finkelson

Words by Jeff Hewitt. Photos by Megan Finkelson, a documentary and portrait photographer who has previously worked throughout the alternative and tattoo community. A prior military career instilled in her a drive for adventure and travel, and has landed her talent in Virginia Beach. Learn more about Megan's work at