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Taphouse Punk: Demons, Guiltwave (formerly Hexist), Boss's Daughter, and Invaluable.

November 07, 2018448Views

It's been a long week and I don't have any more words in me today. But this show proved that Demons is the best band in the city. Not only should you buy all their shit, you should see every show they play. And you should constantly be on the lookout for new shit to buy from them as soon as they put it up for sale. It really is that simple.

All the bands that played this night rocked the fuck out. Here's some pictures of everyone except Invaluable, because I was late from covering another show and Keith still hasn't learned how to play guitar and photograph his band simultaneously. I know. Millennials. So lazy,

-- end transmission --


Norfolk. Punk / Sludge / Hardcore.

Film Photos, Jeff Hewitt:

Photos, Keith Baillargeon:


Norfolk. Punk. Post-Hardcore. Formerly AKA: Hexist.

Photos, Keith Baillargeon:

Film Photos, Jeff Hewitt:

Boss's Daughter

Norfolk. Hardcore.

Photos, Keith Baillargeon:

Words & some pictures shot on film by Jeff Hewitt. You can see more of Jeff's work at Other photos by Keith Baillargeon. Check out his Instragram at @keithushchrist. He also plays for Invaluable.