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Pyrrhic Whim closes the door on Norfolk. With Sammi Lanzetta, Sunny Moonshine, and Righter.

April 01, 20181266Views

Goodbyes suck. There's not much of a way around that.

Or maybe it's that goodbyes only suck if you're a certain kind of person? Certainly for some folks the closing of one chapter is about the excitement of beginning again. It's about adventure and challenge? I mean, don't ask me. I've never been one of those shiny happy optimist people. I hate change with a passion. And the sum total of Norfolk losing Pyrrhic Whim's Kelsie McNair to New York is difficult to express.

This woman is a tornado of creative output and energy who tirelessly lifts others up in her day to day. One expects that her project will undergo changes, but since it has already survived multiple evolutions I have great faith that this music will continue to grow and thrive in ways that are only possible in the big city. Just as well, too -- taking Tyler Warnalis with her would rip the heart out of this scene. The show this evening was both a retrospective celebration as well as a line in the sand -- a declaration of independence and an embracing of the future. I so look forward to the album that is on the way, and the kudos that are destined to trickle down to our little town from wherever she chooses to call home.

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Sammi Lanzetta is quickly becoming my favorite musician from Richmond. I find myself jealous that she's not based in our city, as it limits the number of times we get to hear the particular blend of pathos and rage she's capable of bringing to bear on a stage. I'm in love with her voice. With her unique songwriting perspective.

With a new album in the works and a live set that gets better with each show, this is a star on the rise. Are you paying attention? You should be.

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Sunny Moonshine has appeared in multiple incarnations -- Sunny & Gabe, Dapzam, etc..You get a sense of an artist who's still deciding where to plant her feet sound-wise. As a musician, Sunny's power on statge lies in a perceived inexhaustible courage to explore, fused with a defiant charm and stage presence. I don't know that I feel like she's found the particular ouvre that will make her fame and fortune yet, but I'm enjoying watching the evolution enough that I look foraward to seeing what she does next.

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From out of RVA, Righter carries along on the strength of front-woman Hannah Goad's singular gift of songcraft, held aloft the wings of a tight, well oiled band. Vocally she reminds me of Lucy Dacus, but the flavor of her intensity seems more right angles and jangle than Dacus' slow burn. I'm told this band will be back in the area relatively shortly as a headlining act -- we'll keep an eye out for more info.

LAVA Presents continues a strong history of featuring and supporting talented female led groups with this show -- it's a breath of fresh air in the mostly boys club that is contemporary rock and roll. t this point, it's becoming a foregone conclusion that if LAVA is involved with a show, it's worth your time and money.

Pyrrhic Whim

Sammi Lanzetta

Sunny Moonshine


Words and pictures by Jeff Hewitt