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Protest At Scott Taylor’s Office Over Immigration Policies Separating Immigrant Families

June 22, 2018928Views

Excerpt: Juan Felipe Herrera, "Borderbus"

"We are on the bus now
that is all

A dónde vamos te digo salí desde Honduras
No hemos comido nada y dónde vamos a dormir

Where are we going I am telling you I came from Honduras
We haven’t eaten anything and where are we going to sleep

I don’t want to talk about it just tell them
That you came from nowhere
I came from nowhere
And we crossed the border from nowhere
And now you and me and everybody else here is
On a bus to nowehere you got it?

Pero por eso nos venimos para salir de la nada
But that’s why we came to leave all that nothing behind

When the bus stops there will be more nothing"

Excerpt: Juan Felipe Herrera, "Borderbus"

Roughly one hundred and thirty people showed up in to protest Scott Taylor's support of Donald Trump's immigration policy yesterday at the Virginia Beach Town Center. The event was organized on by Indivisible 757. Featuring a series of speakers as well as music, the activities concluded after about two hours.

Taylor's record on immigration reform is mixed. In the past the Congressman has co-sponsored bills to increase H2-B visas, amnesty for DREAMers, while at the same time voting for bills to withhold funds from sanctuary cities and prohibit undocumented immigrants from receiving access to subsidized health care. He has in the past stated that the xreation of DACA was an illegal act.

A statement issued from his office included the following: "Congress should act immediately and appropriate additional funds for family shelters, reevaluate the Flores Consent Decree, and give greater discretionary authority to the administrative judges that are deciding the fate of these immigrant families." Critics have quickly singled out his mention of the Flores consent decree, as overturning that rule will allow undocumented children to be detained indefinitely. Currently immigration authorities are only allowed to keep children detained for a period of 20 days.

Scott Taylor is currently running for reelection against Democratic challenger, Elaine Luria.

Photos by Jeff Hewitt