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Photos from Toast: LAVA Presents: Lovelorn, Arms Bizarre, Sunndrug, & Obscure Son

July 08, 20181106Views

Yet another amazing evening of music by way of LAVA Presents' impresario: Josh Coplon. This time around he curated an evening of moody, atmospheric post-rock that left concertgoers deeply satisfied.

From out of Philadelphia, Lovelorn recalls the kind of vibe I remember from Siouxsie Sioux in the service of something like what Mo Tucker might have put together had she ever led a band. Throw in a dash of Concrete Blonde and I think you begin to approach what this group is about -- but with more chill.

The group previously existed with an extra member as another entity known as as Creepoid, and enjoyed a fair bit of success until calling the project back in February. Lovelorn feels as though they're still deciding what this new form means for them, and this adds a certain sense of exploration which only adds to their excitement as a band. Add to the mix a tale of inadvertently discovering that their prior label was being funded through some sort of super secret silent-partner arrangement by the nefarious Pharma-Bro, AKA Martin Shkreli? This is a group that has serious potential for mythic status: Post Rock Heroes Flee Sinister Tendrils of Treacherous Super-villain. Imagine waking up to realize Doctor Doom was paying for your tour-van. Sheesh.

Sunndrug is a group with deep roots in Virginia Beach, who has been holding down a heavy indie-rock groove for a few years now. Ostensibly they're still supporting their debut release -- Exit Wounds, which was released to great effect in 2016 with some high-concept design work. Arms Bizarre continues to defy labels as they quietly evolve from show to show veering between shoegaze, vapor-pop, post-rock, and whatever else happens to catch bandleader's Josh Webster's attention at an integral moment. Opening up the festivities was Obscure Son -- the label under which You're Jovian mastermind Elliot Malvas plays solo from time to time. Malvas is a local treasure, and any chance we have to see him work his magic is worth the price of admission.

A good time was had by all. And then we went home.


Post-modern Post Rock
Photos by Joe Justice

Arms Bizarre

Photos by Joe Justice


Photos by Joe Justice

Photos by Jeff Hewitt

Obscure Son

Photos by Jeff Hewitt

Words by Jeff Hewitt. Photos by Jeff Hewitt & Joe Justice where noted. Check out Joe's Instagram at @jjusticeimages.