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Mossy Moran at Grace O'Malley's Through Saturday Night

February 10, 2018641Views

Mossy Moran is emblematic of a certain breed of musician -- the Road Warrior. While technically from the Irish town of Waterford, he legally immigrated to the US back in the mid-nineties and seems to have been on tour ever since.

Players like Moran hold an important role in the heart of contemporary music, acting as keepers of traditional songbooks. Passing tunes around a room to be held in your hands and your heart, they serve as a connection between modern life and the lives of many of our ancestors who toiled in faraway lands under despotic rule. I'll be real - sometimes I like to hop in a rowboat and head out into the middle of the bay with nothing more than a pair of oars and something loaded with type of shanties a troubadour like Moran embodies. These are songs of deep, abiding rage. They are songs of heartbreak. Of revenge. Occasionally of riotous laughter. And here and there he'll throw in something a bit more contemporary to mix it up.

You can do much worse than spending an evening with this man -- he'll be here tonight & Saturday from 9pm till one in the morning and then he's off again until somewhere in April. Catch him while you can, and if you're feeling it? Pick up one of his CDs to help keep him the everlasting road.

Words and pictures by Jeff Hewitt