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Live Music at Cafe Stella: Who We Are Not with Holly Kirsten & House of Cards

March 06, 20181076Views

Who We Are Not has by all indications hit the ground running this year with a strong calendar of appearances and a rumored new album in the works.

This show featured the husband and wife team of Pamela Jo Sward and Joe Talley in an acoustic outing outside of the confines of their usual full band. The pair was aided ably by Holly Kirsten on violin, who most recently has been seen as half of a folkish project with Jim Newsome. WWAN is never one to hog the spotlight, and a second set was devoted to Holly's music with Joe providing some accompaniment..

House of Cards has been somewhat absent from the usual rounds of late, but they appear to have returned in strong form this night with a full, robust sound. All in all, if you're into Adult Contemporary these are all musicians worthy of your time -- though if the genre isn't your thing one should note that rumblings around a harder, rock edged project have been heard from out of Talley's recording studio -- SoniQual. Talley is one of the more underrated players in the city, and we look forward to seeing what he might do with a few distortion pedals thrown into the mix.

All in all, yet another solid night of music at Cafe Stella!

Who We Are Not with Special Guest: Holly Kirsten

House of Cards

Words and pics by Jeff Hewitt