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Juiceboxxx headlines at Charlie's Riverview. With ellen o, Khallee+IMGRNT, Planet Zoron, & Twin Bee

March 12, 2018728Views

What if the Beastie Boys were instead started through a three-way between Ric Ocasek, Joey Ramone, and MCA? Their unholy spawn offspring might have well grown up to be Juiceboxxx. Only not as strange. And I mean strange in a good way.

That doesn't really adequately cover all the bits and pieces that gimble and gyre inside this artist. At times I hear Laurie Anderson, Depeche Mode.. Some of the sound-scape experiments the early 90s. of Really, any number of disparate recordings that have been tortured under Energy Drink fueled waterboarding at the hands of this insane person. He's like the musical equivalent of the Borg -- Resistance is futile. It will be assimilated. Add to that the acrobatic, level eleven performances to which he seemingly sacrifices his body Iggy Pop style? You begin to understand the impressive list of fans -- Chuck D, anyone? I could go on, but our friends at Popscure ran an interview that puts the details together in a far more satisfying manner than I and. Check it out here.

Three Brooklyn groups filled out the bill: ellen o evokes girl bands from the early fifties strained through trap beats and a maybe-Motown vibe filtered through esoterica. Khallee + IMGRNT? I might be reaching here, but imagine if the guys from Erasure had kids that were more soulful. Hip-Hop influenced with maybe a dash of Sade for good measure.. But you know.. Not British? Planet Zoron, from P-Town is highly reminiscent of Public Enemy, but with a hard mothership by way of P-Funk edge. And Twin Bee? They're from out of Virginia Beach, continuing the saga of the Nerdluck's arcade driven Nerdcore sound.

This was an ambitious show on the part of TBA -- by all accounts the night went brilliantly



ellen o

Planet Zoron

Twin Bee

Words by Jeff Hewitt. Photos by Beth Austin. Beth is the winner of the 2017 Veer Music Award for Concert Photography. She has shot for AXS, Rock Voltage Magazine, Encore Magazine, and GayRVA -- among others. You can view her work at