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Glenrose, Old Scars, and The Nerve Scheme at Charlie's

April 13, 20181090Views

TBA Productions of Norfolk has been running an aggressive schedule of local talent with nearly nightly shows at Charlie's American Cafe, and this last week was no exception!

Based out of Poquoson, buzzy punk/rock trio Glenrose started up the show as the crowd slowly filtered in on a cool rainy evening. Continually gaining momentum and in their third year, Spencer, Jake and Paul have impressive opening credits on their resume, in just 2018 alone they have been featured in shows with Agent Orange and another with Doyle (of Misfits fame).

Skate punkers Old Scars carried the action off the stage and onto the floor as both guitarists and the bassist mingled and dodged moshers as the energy worked upwards.

Bringing the religion of music, anarchy, and madness to the masses of the city of Norfolk and beyond for over 10 years, favorites The Nerve Scheme's set featured two songs from album Artificial Wonderland, which is available as a free download on their website .

By midnight, the floor was full and Charlie's was on fire! Both TBA and Charlie's exemplify what the epitome of how a local venue should be run -- and where most of them fall short. Both make the effort to advertise their entertainment calendars monthly, whereas the majority of Hampton Roads' other venues leave promotion solely to individual bands. The error in this equation is that as a result, venues are denying themselves the marketing power of their own social media's built in audience and limiting attendance to any given band's reach. A whole pool of potential attendees get left in the dark on events and are not exposed to the fresh and diverse talent this area has to offer.

Here's hoping the rest take notice, there's so much great music in this scene that needs support. Check out the upcoming schedule!


Old Scars

The Nerve Scheme

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