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Drop The Girl / Small Words Kick Off Tour with Give 'Em Hell Kid, Paragon, and Travelers

April 19, 20181777Views

PParagon, "Lost in Translation." -- click to play

Drop the Girl kicked off a tour last night to support their 2017 EP, "survivor's guilt." The band delves into some heavy themes through the use of powerful pop-punk employing a lyrical edge that the genre serves well. This is a band whose star has steadily been on the rise, notably sharing a bill with Rescue Me at the NorVa this past August.

The EP hits hard, I'm not sure what the exact nature of the story is here -- but it sounds like they've lost a few friends of late to the void, and that the music is what's pulling them through. This is of course, what punk does best. Sometimes the only thing that makes sense in this crazy, fucked up world is to slam your body up and down for an hour or two to the holy trinity of the power chord squeezed out of a tube amp cranked to the highest setting. If this night was any indication, I suspect they're going to do just fine on the road -- and look forward to their return.

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This is the first time I've seen or heard of Small Words (from out of Indiana, or so I'm told) and I'm impressed. Sonically they remind me of something like Modern English crossed with Say Anything at points, but you know.. More punk. The songcraft is complex, with dense lyics that do much to make it feel as though you're in a conversation with the band when you're listening.

Beach residents, Give 'Em Hell Kid, tore apart the stage with the ferocity of its polished hardcore metal strained through the fury of lead singer Ryan Polesko. Also from the Oceanfront, Paragon showed up for their second ever show with a single dropped the same day. The band's live performance isn't yet to the level of the track they've released, but the group puts so much energy into their performance that the rough spots are easily forgiven. This is a band that makes you want to like them, and I'm sure they'll iron out the kinks as they tuck a few more shows under their belt.

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Hands down, the shock of the evening was Travelers. I got in a bit late so I missed the back story to the group, but it appears that the duo that made the show is only part of the band. Perusing their available tracks reveals music that I'll enjoy browsing through -- but it seems very different from what I heard inside Charlies. An electrifying performance with a commanding frontman that lifted the roof. Pieces of punk, rap flotsam, an overall electronic sound aided by the occasional guitar fueled by the relentless kitwork of its drummer. No idea if they sound like this as a full band, or if they even sound like at all like this all of the time... But if they do? This is an act ready for bigger stages. I've never heard of them, but that's probably owed to my general avoidance of Va Beach.

If that city is turning out more music like what I heard here? I'm gonna have to start crossing the border. Damn it. I hate that city with a passion, but good music is good music. And one must travel where the tunes take you, I suppose.

I look forward to hearing more from these guys. I never thought anyone could make me enjoy a cover of the Shape of You.. Let alone mosh to it.

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Words and pictures by Jeff Hewitt