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Drive for Jackets and Hoodies at the Taphouse: With Eayaes, False Cape, Party Wave

October 24, 2018580Views

Notes & Photos
from Beth Austin: Rock 'n' Roll Photographer

Party Wave

Virginia Beach. Garage Indie.

This two piece is a loud, crash-y, garage/punk Everly Brothers on three too many red bulls, which is a BEAUTIFUL thing. Quite possibly my new favorite local band. GO SEE THEM! ‘Nuff said.

False Cape

Virginia Beach. Punk/Funk/Ska.

Before they went on, I heard they were reggae band. I thought, “Uh-oh,” as reggae just isn’t my genre. And yeah, I realize that’s an unpopular opinion. I’ve been asked many many times,” Beth, how can you not like reggae? You don’t? Really? Are you sure?” Maybe it’s my short attention span, or maybe it’s the kah- chinka, kah -chinka guitar, I don’t know. But yeah, I’m sure.

Anyway, I was happily surprised that these guys were a good mesh of ska (reggae’s older/faster sibling), and reggae with a good splash of punk. Which was a total win for me. I would gladly check these guys out again. On purpose.

EAYAES (Dariel Clark)

Norfolk. Experimental Hip-Hop.

I’ve seen Dariel Clark in the Ramones tribute band he’s been fronting (Shock Treatment) as well as some video of Eayaes, so I had a good idea of what a powerhouse this guy is. With a mix of spoken word meets straight up rock, seeing him do his thing confirmed that he’s definitely one to watch. And hey, be sure to keep an eye out for his soon to be released EP due out in the (semi) near future.

This was a jackets and hoodies drive with Connect With A Wish to help benefit children in foster care in the Virginia Beach and Norfolk area. Visit for more information

If you couldn't make the show but would like to donate, still -- you can drop off any items you'd like to donate at Connect With A Wish's office:

2492 North Landing Rd., Suite 102
Virginia Beach, Va, 23456.

Photos by Beth Austin. Beth is the winner of the 2017 Veer Music Award for Concert Photography. She has shot for AXS, Rock Voltage Magazine, Encore Magazine, and GayRVA -- among others. You can view her work at