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At Charlies: Part Time. With Fenster, Blood Sound, & Zabeth

November 20, 2018304Views

David Loca's lo-fi synth project, Part Time, stopped in at Charlies on tour to promote their newest album -- Spell No. 6, released this year. The group sports a sound that to my ear references a lot of my favorite bands from the post-punk era. I hear bits and pieces of stuff like David Byrne, a touch of the Smiths, slivers of Yaz, maybe even a little bit of the Cars. It's sweetly fun music that I've been finding myself throwing on the overheads all week and just typing away to it.

Fenster hailed all the way from Berlin, Germany with their first Norfolk appearance and the crowd ate it up. Philadelphia's post-punk duo, Blood Sound graced the stage with music they refer to as "dark prom-pop." I greatly enjoyed their set and have their record, "everything is always in the past" queued up to spend some extended time with this week. This show also marked the debut of Zabeth -- a spin-off New Wave group formed from out of some of the members of Starcoast. From all appearances, this group was really well received, and I look forward to seeing them again.

Next up from TBA Productions is a show in collaboration with Dead End Booking headlined by Texan hardcore act, Kublai Khan on the 23rd. Click here to check it out.

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Part Time

Los Angeles. Alt / Synth-Pop.


Germany. Indie Pop.

Blood Sound

Philadelphia. Post-Punk / Indie Pop.


Norfolk. New Wave.

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