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At Charlies: Acid Dad with Snake Mountain Revival, Ladada, & Moonwalks.

April 12, 2018521Views

“You can come closer. We don’t bite.”

Such a declaration seems sketchy when issued from a band with a serpentine handle. And one would do well to exercise caution at heeding their entreaties — Snake Mountain Revival is packing some serious venom behind a wall of sound that pulls forth visions of Far Eastern hashish dens, replete with maharajas and whirling demon eyed dervishes intent on prying open your inner eye with a particularly infectious brand of psychadelic Acid-Rock.

. . .

Ladada is a band that could have easily peaked early and flamed out. With the notable success of placement on an episode of the hit television show, The Flash, one could forgive Josiah’s Schlater’s project for deciding to call it a day and move on to bigger or better whatever’s. Instead, they’ve pulled inward and built on that initial milestone. This time around they’re sporting a new guitarist, Jonnie Schilling, who with only ten days in the band has managed to both master the playlist while at the same time bring something new to the group’s surf-psych sound. Schilling is highly regarded as a player and his addition signals big moves. The core rhythm section of bassist James Robert Smith and drummer Bobby Rangel thrills as always.

With a side-a-slash-side-b recently dropped last week through Leather Daddy Bubble Bath Records perhaps marking the shift of an initial phase largely dominated by Schlater’s songwriting into more collaborative, a new, full album is just on the horizon — reportedly being mastered by local star producer, Jacki Paolella of DJP & Mr. T and other fame. One imagines that this output will be much more of a group effort than 2014’s Comets was. This is a band that grows further with every outing, and improves at every turn. Considering the fact that they started so hot out of the gate in the first place, this steady, sleeves rolled up approach to owning a stage only means great things for local music lovers.

I love Ladada. I look forward to hearing them stomp through their catalog every chance I get. And I most definitely can't wait for the further expansion of that songlist.

. . .

From Detroit, by way of Proxima Centauri — Moonwalks landed on Charlie’s like a neutron bomb. One part Psych, wrapped around a white hot core of Space Rock, this power trio ascends heavenly heights that dizzy the ears.

How three mere mortals manage to pack this much sound into so small a space is a bit beyond me. The rhythm section comprised of Kerrigan Pearce and Kate Gutwald moves in lockstep as though they are simply separate halves of a unified galactic Buddha. But the band’s secret sauce lies in lead singer Jacob Dean, who fronts an electrifying stage presence that summons forth no less than the exalted shade of David Bowie.

Yes. I understand what I’m saying as I type this out. I don’t care if it’s sacrilegious. And of course it's maybe a bit of overblown hype written in a throes of a live experience after more than a few whiskey and diets.. Doesn't matter: You need to go see this band.

. . .

I didn’t know Psych Punk was a thing, but apparently it is and Brooklyn’s Acid Dad is a prime example of the form. On the surface there's an easy comparison to be made here with Blur -- and through that Three Imaginary Boys era Cure (at the risk of being yelled at for citing Robert Smith yet again, but seriously? Fuck off. It's not my fault he's cast such a long shadow.)

I don't know what I was doing when I first perused their Soundcloud, but my initial impression was underwhelming. I was wrong or distracted, maybe Muppet was chewing on my ankles to direct my attention to his food bowl.. Now that I've seen these guys live I can't stop listening to their tracks. The group is animated and high energy live, and I feel stupid for not snagging the record while I was there. Now I'll have to pay for shipping.

Damn it. Ah well.. It's music well worth paying for at any rate. Over and onwards.

Acid Dad

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Words and pictures by Jeff Hewitt